I NEVER TALK TO STRANGERS is a short documentary about Sarah Vigneaux who has created an alternate personality for her on-stage character, Foxi Pinkerton, and subsequently her own “real” existence. The installation explores the cyclical nature of her lives (from the real to the persona and back) and how her characters can control and dictate her lives.

Sarah Vigneaux is a 34 year-old carer. She lives with her husband and their twenty cats in Hulme Manchester. Mild-mannered, generous and always looking to help. Until she was in her early 30’s she had never considered her art form of choice: Traditional Burlesque.

Foxi Pinkerton is a larger than life traditional burlesque dancer who performs in Manchester. She resembles the Femme Fatale’s of the 1930’s and is Sarah’s wild side. Foxi emerged as on outlet for Sarah, she allows Sarah to break the norms of society. When Sarah becomes Foxi (festival season April-October) she often struggles to put her persona away and lives as Foxi.

Foxi getting ready for the show


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