Tortured (2012) Producer Lucy Lincoln, Director Chris Green, DOP Paul Robinson. 3rd AD Scott Pugnetti
Shadows In The Dark (2012) Producer Lara Herring, Director Adam Simons, DOP Claude Sadik, Camera Assistant Scott Pugnetti
Building Heaven (2012) Producer/Director Andrada Popan-Dorca, DOP Scott Pugnetti, Post-Production Scott Pugnetti
Chiara Samugheo: Un Ritratto (2012) Director Marina Spada, Camera Operator Scott Pugnetti
Through The Gates (2011) Producer/Director Scott Pugnetti & Kirsten Brown http://vimeo.com/26330747
Rosanne Cash (2010) Producer/Director Scott Pugnetti http://vimeo.com/11279702
Seamus Heaney (2010) Producer/Director Scott Pugnetti
Audio Slideshows
Stories From The Bridge (2010) Audio Scott Pugnetti, Still Photography Ellie Hopkins http://vimeo.com/24996848

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